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Exclusive Fine Art Photo Prints by Cédric Dasesson

Cédric Dasesson is a refined interpreter of “collective imaginaries”, where environment, man and nature coexist in absolute balance and harmony, while his “glossy” images, avidly sought after by the finest magazines worldwide , mark the infinite boundaries of a shared universality.


About Cédric

Cédric Dasesson “draws”, in his images, elaborated “levels” of seemingly simple interpretations, almost familiar, but very complex as well, so that, every time you look at his images, you discover something of “never seen”.

The formal thinking, the consistency and the stylistic coherence of Cédric’s photographic works can be found in the extraordinarily exclusive interpretations of the colors and the infinite architectural compositions of the seascapes.

Cédric does not fear, in his images, to offer the feeling of the “already known”, as happened in the great works of art of Renaissance artists, baroque, vedutists and divisionists. It is precisely “the deception” that counts, what allows the viewer to overcome the initial threshold of “distrust” and then to pause the time to necessary “understand”, interpret, open to knowledge, experience, the universal beauty.


Bespoke Sizes

The prints are available in different sizes:
18×24 cm / 21×29 cm / 30×40 cm / 40×50 cm

Available with black frame, passepartout and glass

Fine Art Photo Prints

High Quality Fine art photo print edition sealed by the artist and by Art Backers.

The pictures come with a white margin

Special Packaging

Awesome Packaging to secure the shipment containing artwork and certificate of authenticity.

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LEVEL - The first Photo Book of Cédric Dasesson

Photo book 22 × 22 cm / 44 × 22 cm open / 84 pages / hardcover - photo paper

Level Under Water – Sea Level – Above Sea are the three levels of interpretation of Cédric Dasesson’s works.

Cédric Dasesson’s exhibition and editorial choice of his works follows the so-called “Natural Order of Things”, that is the condition of absolute synthesis and harmony between nature and man, from which to start for having a clean, elaborated and comprehensible narrative.

Cédric’s works are like “variations on the subject” for visions and introspections from different points, where by changing the order of factors, the “artistic message” does not change in the three levels of knowledge: Under Water – Sea Level and Above Sea.



Cédric Dasesson is an italian artist who came to photography and conceptual art starting from studies in architectural science.

His photographic concept is divided into two styles, two different way to research.

His shots explore imaginary lines and curves that emerge from the seabed surface, rise up to observe the lines of the horizon, descend to the shoreline, lapping the coast to climb again on the cliffs to peak.




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